The In-Country/In-Region scholarship programme aims at fostering strong, internationally oriented higher education systems in Sub-Saharan Africa with the capacity to contribute to sustainable development.

By training future academic and professional leaders, the programme contributes to the following long-term impacts:
  • Qualified professionals’ involvement in the solution of development-related problems in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Postgraduates strengthening education and research in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Structural strengthening and regional networking of partner institutions and partner universities

Who can apply?

Sub-Saharan Africans, preferably Alumni of the DAAD In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Programme, who have completed their PhD and currently hold an academic position at a university or research institution in Sub-Saharan Africa.
For further information, see: “Application requirements”

What can be funded?

The purpose of the postdoctoral fellowship programme is to provide opportunities to former DAAD In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Holders from SubSaharan Africa to undertake research during the tenure of the award. This also includes former scholarship holders that have been funded under cooperation projects with German universities (e.g. from the DAAD Centres of African Excellence). The programme is designed to support post-doctoral training.

The project should not be a reworking or mere extension of the candidate’s doctoral research project.
In addition:
  • The host institution has to adequately participate in the costs (e.g. by providing the necessary infrastructure, other local expenses).
  • The host and the candidate must have established close communication and devised a concrete concept note.
  • The implementation of the fellowship should contribute to develop staff exchange between Sub-Saharan African universities.
Furthermore, the candidates should be ready to support the supervision of DAAD scholars, if required by their host institution.

Applications may come from all subject areas with strong relevance to national or regional development.

The fellowships are tenable at any Sub-Saharan African university, preferably at former or current host institutions of the In-Country/In-Region programme or at institutions having an existing cooperation with German institutes of higher education or operating with international academic partners, e.g. the DAAD Centers of African Excellence.

Terms and Conditions
At the end of the fellowship the fellow has to provide a detailed report on the findings of the research co-signed by the hosting researcher and give further information on future co-operation and academic activities.

Duration of the funding

In general, the awards are tenable for a period of six to twelve months and are not renewable.


The fellowship consists of:
  • A travel allowance (only In-Region*)
  • A monthly research allowance of EUR 100,--
  • A monthly instalment of EUR 500,-- (In-Country*) / EUR 1.000,-- (In-Region*)
  • If a health insurance is compulsory for work and/or visa regulations DAAD will accept the costs for a standard tariff upon submission of receipt of paid invoice (only In-Region*).
The scholarship is designed as a subsidy to the scholar’s current salary / study leave income.

*In-Region Scholarships are aimed at fellows who want to participate in a postdoctoral programe in a country of their home region (here: Sub-Saharan Africa/outside their home country). In-Country Scholarships are aimed at fellows who study in their home country or in the country for which they have a residence permit.
Please note: In case the research stay takes place in your home country, no travel lump sum or health insurance will be paid.

The scholarship is designed as a subsidy to the scholar’s current salary / study leave income. The travel allowance and the honorarium cover all costs arising from and in connection with the travel and stay. This may be, for example, visa fees, costs for health checks or vaccinations, baggage costs or luggage insurance and taxable charges.
The scholarship will be paid directly to the scholarship holder´s banking account. Further details will be announced after admission to the scholarship programme.
The DAAD will endeavor to transfer/pay out the first payments as quickly as possible after the scholarship holder has arrived at the host institution. Nevertheless, it is recommended to bring a financial reserve for the first time period.

Please note:
The programme is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
Scholarships will be awarded subject to the provision of funds.

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Votre statut et / ou votre pays d'origine ne figurent pas sur ces listes ?Si votre statut et / ou votre pays d'origine ne figurent pas dans cette liste, vous ne pourrez pas postuler dans le cadre de ce programme de financement. Afin de n'afficher que les programmes de financement pour lesquels vous pouvez postuler, veuillez sélectionner votre statut et votre pays d'origine dans la liste des résultats.