The Helmut-Schmidt-Programme (Master’s Scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance – PPGG) is accepting application untill 31st July 2021!

Find out more at:

The call for applications, further indications on th requirements and the application procedure are available at Helmut-Schmidt-Programme (Master’s Scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance – PPGG)

Vanessa Madjoukouo successfully completed a Master of Management in Nonprofit Organisations at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences (intake 2018-2020) with a Helmut-Schmidt scholarship.

Are you preparing an application for the master’s scholarship programme “Leadership for Africa programme (Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal)”? The following information might be useful:

  • Successful applicants will start the Master’s programme in Germany in the winter semester (October) 2022;
  • Final admission to the targeted Master’s programme should be secured between May and September 2022, as universities process applications for the nearest semester;
  • However, a previous admission (in 2020 or 2021) would indicate that you have a good chance of being admitted again for the winter semester 2022. You can therefore attach proof of such an admission to your application;
  • If you do not have proof of previous admission, you should provide the jury with evidence that you are sufficiently well informed about your three chosen Master’s programmes! For example, if you do not yet meet all the requirements for final admission, clearly indicate what you are missing, when and how you intend to achieve it by October 2022;
  • You are expected to contact the programme(s) you are interested in, e.g. to find out about the application procedure (do not do this if the university’s website already provides enough information about it!), or to find out whether your degree will be accepted;
  • You can submit a copy of your valid identity document (CNI or receipt) instead of the passport;
  • You can use the “Higher Education Compass” to find all the master’s degree programmes offered by German universities. Then find out more about each programme on the website of the university offering it;
  • Also inform yourself thoroughly about the “Leadership for Africa (Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal)” Master scholarship programme before submitting your application through the DAAD application portal
  • Find some instructions on how to download your application form from your account on the application portal: Step 1, Step 2

Also consult FAQs on the scholarship programme “Leadership for Africa” on the website of the DAAD.

Further DAAD scholarship programmes can be found at

Taking an Online Language Placement Test, for free

Please contact the DAAD lecturers at the University of Yaoundé I and the University of Dschang to take the On-SET in order to complete your DAAD scholarship application.

Their contacts are indicated here.

Please note that On-SET is a placement test and not a language test. It is accepted as a provisional proof of your language proficiency while applying for a DAAD scholarship, but it will not be accepted for admission to the university. You must take an official language test if required.

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