Cooperation Programmes

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One of the most important aims of the DAAD is to promote international university cooperation at the institutional level. German cooperation programmes deal with institutions and not individuals. Only German Universities can apply for cooperation programmes.

Generally, personal contacts between Cameroonian and German lecturers constitute the starting point for cooperation programmes. This means that if a cooperation programme with a German university is needed, Cameroonian lecturers can contact their German colleagues.

The Information Centre can guide and assist you if you are in search of contacts with German universities for a cooperation programme. The DAAD supports university cooperation in all research domains with an initial four-year funding.

It is also possible for specific programmes dealing with specific domains to be opened every year.

This programme promotes cooperation between a German university and one or two universities from developing countries (North-South or North-South-South cooperation). It aims at reinforcing international cooperation. Funds are used to finance exchange of lecturers, young scientists and students.The first funding is for four years and it is worth 50,000 EUR (+ 20,000 EUR in case of a supplementary South-South cooperation) The deadline for applications is on 30th June for funds for the next coming year.

Contact making is also financed. The German partner applies but visits are paid in both parts.

This programme offers broad cooperation possibilities between German universities and universities of developing countries in the domain of health. The funds of the programme can help partners better training in developing countries. Expert seminars, summer universities for Alumni, weekend seminars and initiation seminar can also be organised in Germany and in developing countries. The DAAD/PAGEL programme for medical doctors offers funding worth 120,000 EUR per year and for a period not beyond four years.

DIES Partnerships

This programme is opened each year. It promotes exchange between German universities and universities in developing countries.

Target groups are:

  • University administartors and managers
  • Administrators of university partner organisations
  • Deans of faculties
  • Head of Departments of university administration

Following themes may be discussed:

  • Introduction and management of innovation in the institutional management of universities or faculties (agreements, decentralisation, professional management, networking…)
  • Introduction and development of strategic development planing or systems of quality management (for faculties or universities)
  • Introduction of cooperation with extern groups such as stake holders (alumni-networks, fund raising, contact workshops…)
  • Innovations in the development of a new university structure (international offices, carreer counselling, graduate schools…)
  • Development of thze duties of university management (working personnel, infrastructure, budget, organisation…)

The DAAD offers support for all duties that are part of the programme. The maximal amount is 50,000 EUR per year for a partnership between a German university and a university abroad.

In case of multilateral partnerships, this amount can reach 70,000 EUR. Each partnership can be financed normally for four years.

Further Information on DAAD Funding Programmes

The DAAD funding programmes are aimed at cooperation countries all over the world. Here you can find the programme overview for Cameroon.

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